Unable to unassign multiple tasks in My Tasks since update!

Hi Asana People!

Since the update of the new and improved My Tasks I seem to be unable to unassign multiple tasks at once. I used this a LOT, but this just become quite cumbersome affecting my daily work efficiency. I am really hoping to get this feature back!

When you select multiple tasks at once it is possible to re-assign, but not to un-assign. Could this be introduced again? Pretty please?

Also on the subject of unassigning tasks! I would love to be able to unassign tasks using a keyboard shortcut. This used to be possible with tab-a and then backspace! But since the introduction of multi-assigning tasks (2019-20?) it is no longer possible to unassign with a shortcut. Which has caused a lot of manual clicks! Also see related topic here: Possibility to un-assign tasks with a keyboard shortcut

In short, I hope you have space to involve some dev-power-magic and give some TLC to the unassign feature. :heart:

  • If I’m missing something and this is possible, please show me how?


Thanks for the feedeback @AnneNynke :slight_smile: I’ve gone ahead and shared a note with our Product team! I’ll keep you posted here once I have an update!

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Thanks, @AnneNynke and @Marie. I just ran into this the other day and had meant to add this feedback but forgot, so thanks for that; I just voted. We need the “x” or, as done on Android, the presence of a “No assignee” option value that we can select.



Thanks for the upvote Larry!
Exactly, something like that.

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