Unable to unassign multiple tasks in My Tasks since update!

Hi Asana People!

Since the update of the new and improved My Tasks I seem to be unable to unassign multiple tasks at once. I used this a LOT, but this just become quite cumbersome affecting my daily work efficiency. I am really hoping to get this feature back!

When you select multiple tasks at once it is possible to re-assign, but not to un-assign. Could this be introduced again? Pretty please?

Also on the subject of unassigning tasks! I would love to be able to unassign tasks using a keyboard shortcut. This used to be possible with tab-a and then backspace! But since the introduction of multi-assigning tasks (2019-20?) it is no longer possible to unassign with a shortcut. Which has caused a lot of manual clicks! Also see related topic here: Possibility to un-assign tasks with a keyboard shortcut

In short, I hope you have space to involve some dev-power-magic and give some TLC to the unassign feature. :heart:

  • If I’m missing something and this is possible, please show me how?


Thanks for the feedeback @AnneNynke :slight_smile: I’ve gone ahead and shared a note with our Product team! I’ll keep you posted here once I have an update!


Thanks, @AnneNynke and @Marie. I just ran into this the other day and had meant to add this feedback but forgot, so thanks for that; I just voted. We need the “x” or, as done on Android, the presence of a “No assignee” option value that we can select.



Thanks for the upvote Larry!
Exactly, something like that.


This is really important. How can this not be a REQUIRED feature???

My Tasks is super cluttered. Only way to get old stuff to go away is to mark everything as Completed, which isn’t true. And we’ll have no way to go back and reassign at some point in the future.

NEED ability to UNASSIGN multiple tasks! Seriously, My Tasks is useless without it.


I also just voted!! This missing function is causing a lot of additional work. Thank you for getting this thread going. Fingers crossed it’s resolved soon! @Marie

Any way to know a timeline on something like this? I have a client who is practically begging (again) for some kind of help and resolution. Thanks! @Marie

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My client and I had a little brainstorm and came up with a workaround that actually worked for him. In his words, we just saved him hours of work. Here is a link to a Loom video that I made for him to show him the possibility. It’s specific to him, but maybe it will help you as well.
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