Unable to view all task options when using Desktop app on portrait monitor

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:

When using Asana Desktop for Windows on a monitor in a portrait orientation, the task details panel that pops-out cuts off the extra task options, as shown below.

Steps to reproduce:

Open Asana on a monitor that is in a portrait layout. Click on a task to view the details.

Browser version:

Asana Desktop for Windows, but also happens on Firefox/Chrome

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @anon21781802 and welcome to the forums! From your screenshot it looks like you may be in the full-screen view of the Asana app. Can you try clicking the arrows pointing at each other in the top right next to the X and see if that solves the issue?


This happens to me as well. I have two monitors on my pc. My laptop monitor and another larger monitor. When they are connected, I get the same problem if I move the program over to the laptop and try to maximize the app. If I’m just on my laptop, it’s fine.

I wonder if it’s related to screen resolution? Try changing screen resolution to see what happens?

Hi @anon21781802, thanks for reporting this.

You are right, @Wayne_Hedlund, this could to be related to the screen resolution!

Let us know if the issue persists when you change the screen resolution so we can try to investigate further!

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At least on Mac OSX, there is definitely an issue with the Asana app which becomes problematic depending on the resolution. Based on the behavior, the asana app appears to have a min-height and min-width it refuses to be reduced below. So when I lowered my monitor display resolution to 1280x720 so that I can see everything better, the entire height of the app filled the screen from top to very bottom, going past the dock and possibly past the bottom edge of the screen.

Clicking the green maximize button back and forth almost doesn’t make a difference. Even zooming in and out within asana doesn’t affect the min-height/min-width of the asana app. All I want, is have the app not go past the bottom dock on my mac when on a lower resolution.

I expected everything to get larger on a lower resolution of course, including the apps and windows, but by extending past the dock and refusing to be made smaller, asana is the only app making it almost impossible to use, especially since all the important communicative elements are at the bottom.