Unable to view all task options when using Desktop app on portrait monitor

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:

When using Asana Desktop for Windows on a monitor in a portrait orientation, the task details panel that pops-out cuts off the extra task options, as shown below.

Steps to reproduce:

Open Asana on a monitor that is in a portrait layout. Click on a task to view the details.

Browser version:

Asana Desktop for Windows, but also happens on Firefox/Chrome

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @David_Martinez and welcome to the forums! From your screenshot it looks like you may be in the full-screen view of the Asana app. Can you try clicking the arrows pointing at each other in the top right next to the X and see if that solves the issue?


This happens to me as well. I have two monitors on my pc. My laptop monitor and another larger monitor. When they are connected, I get the same problem if I move the program over to the laptop and try to maximize the app. If I’m just on my laptop, it’s fine.

I wonder if it’s related to screen resolution? Try changing screen resolution to see what happens?

Hi @David_Martinez, thanks for reporting this.

You are right, @Wayne_Hedlund, this could to be related to the screen resolution!

Let us know if the issue persists when you change the screen resolution so we can try to investigate further!

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