Resize desktop app + split screen between two apps

The desktop app can’t be resized in any way: it can’t be put side by side with another app (get’s cut off), one can’t zoom in and out, columns can’t move, etc. For the way I and my team work on computers (large screens, with side by side apps), that essentially renders it useless, and we will need to keep using the web version.

Hi @Josh_Gordon, welcome to the forum :wave:

You should be able to zoom in/out of the app just like on your browser but using the keyboard keys Ctrl and + or - (or Cmd key on Mac)

Hope that helps!

Yes, one would think you should, but you can’t. Which is why I posted this - the whole concept of resizing has not been addressed in any which way

On Windows you can. Did you try it?

When I have the Asana App at fullscreen on Windows 10, the bottom part of the app is cut off. No horizontal scroller bar is accessible - I have to come out of fullscreen and resize the window to get a full view of the App and the scroller bar.

Very annoying when I want to work quickly between two (or more) apps. Have tried zoom out and the bar still does not show. Tried hiding the main Task bar to see if the scroller was just behind that - no luck. It’s like the App is the wrong size for my monitor.




I am also having this problem. On another chat, Asana folks said they’d look into it but then the chat ends. I hope they are working on fixing this. I cannot see the list of my projects and teams. I have tried everything folks have said to do on multiple chats.

Thanks for any other suggestions,