Adjust display size

For some unknown reason, my asana screen is too large for my computer screen. Both vertically and horizontally, things are just out of reach. And, it wont allow be to scroll to access them - as in even trying to add a comment to a task or subtask. I’ve logged out but nothing reset. Can someone share what must be an easy fix??

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Hey @Teri_Heist,

This could end up being an easy fix but I have some questions first.
Are you on an additional monitor when you experience this? - It could be the monitor has an overscan but I feel like that would bother other apps.

Can you see/interact with the X and minimize buttons on the window? - If you can make sure that the two little arrows are facing each other and not facing away from one another.

If you are on a Windows machine (surely you can do this on other systems too, somehow) you can press the Windows button and the up arrow on whatever window you are using and that will fit the frame of the app to the edge of the screen. - If this fails and other programs are not oversizing on your screen then this issue might be way over my head.

Keep us posted if any of this helped or not,

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They only thing applicable was your last suggestion and nothing happens when I hit the windows button. And so far I can’t find any discussion or tips on this anywhere on asana. I have to assume this is some easy fix but I can’t figure it out (low tech capabilities here), but it’s making each screen close to unusable. Very frustrating. Thanks for your help though.

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I’m going to try uninstalling/reinstalling and maybe that will get it back to normal.

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@Teri_Heist, any luck with the reinstall?