Unable to search through Custom Fields

I work in an architectural firm where we have just started using Asana - majorly for tracking drawing deliverables. All our tasks are individual drawing sheets which are labelled as Drawing Nos (Example 2023-T2-PDPL-GFC-AR-DWG-1205).

Since there are around 200 drawings in one project, it gets difficult to edit and manage the tasks solely by drawing numbers. So, we have added custom fields to categorize these tasks into Building 1, Building 2, Floor Plans, Elevations, Sections etc.

Now the problem is these Custom Field values are not reflecting in any search. Is there a way out? I have added a screenshot that shows a part of the list for your better understanding. Kindly assist.

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You need to specifically add a field and search on it using the “add filter > add field” in the Advanced Search. The “text” search not looking into custom fields is currently expected behaviour.

Thanks for your reply but I am still unable to search for Custom Fields. Screenshot attached.

I believe you are typing a value when you should be typing the field name (“BLOCK”)

I tried that too, but nothing came up. Same result “No matches found”. Am I doing something wrong?

@Fahim_Shah - when you open the advanced search, are you clicking the add filter button at the bottom left, then the add field option? From there, you would add the right field “BLOCK” (assuming it’s a global custom field) and then it should give you the option to choose which specific dropdown options to filter for.

I changed the field to Global and now it works. Thanks for highlighting.

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