Unable to Login


I am currently unable to login to my Asana accounts.
When the login page loads - prefilled with my user name and password, the Log In button is greyed out. It has been like this for a few days.

I suspect it has do to with Norton Password Manager which used to work. I can bypass the problem by shutting down the password manager but that is not an acceptable solution for me.

Could not find a way to submit a support ticket on this.


Hi @mike.monical! Have you tried clearing your browser’s cache to see if it make a difference. You can reach support at asana.com/suppot > “I’m having trouble with” > "Let’s chat.

Hope we get that resolved soon!


The problem appeared to be momentarily fixed but now appears to be back.

Here is the Log In dialog box for asana. Note that the Log In button is greyed out. I am unable to log in.

Is your product incompatible with Norton Password Manager? That would be unfortunate since I have too many passwords to remember and cannot give up NPM.



Hi @mike.monical! I don’t believe that Asana isn’t compatible with Norton Password Manager; but the issue could be related to another add-on installed on your browser. If you disable all other add-on but NPM, are you still running into the same problem?