Unable to cancel invitation to wrong email

I accidentally invited a person to a team with his “secondary” email-address, but he’s already part of the team with his primary email-address.
This happened when I joined Asana, and Asana asked for more team-members, before I actually got into Asana and could see which members were part of my team.

How do I go about canceling this invitation? He’s getting spammed by this invitation several times every day.

Welcome to the Forum @Patrick_Borjesson and thank you for reaching out!

Apologies for the trouble here. Please have a look at the following post to learn the steps to follow to cancel an invitation.

I hope this helps Patrick but don’t hesitate to reach out if you need further assistance. Have a great day!

I had already found that post before I asked the question, and it didn’t solve my problem.

The relevant email-adress that I sent the invitation to was not present on the list of members on the team, neither marked as accepted or not accepted, not present at all.

I haven’t found any other place in the web-interface were outstanding invitations are listed either.
I’m assuming it has something to do with the fact that I sent the invitation during my account creation step, not through the members-interface for the team, but of course this is just a guess.

If you on anyone of the paid plan, try looking the admin console > members. The wrong email address should show up there for you to permanently remove it.

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