unable download files

helo, i am having problem downloading files from asana. i can open it, i can Attach files, but i can not download it. below is what is on the screen when i try to download files:

This site can’t be reached

asana-user-private-us-east-1.s3.amazonaws.com refused to connect.



can anyone please help me how to solve this?
thank you.

Welcome to the Forum @Kantor_Notaris_PPAT and thank you for reaching out!

Sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue. Our team is aware of this issue and they are currently working on a fix to it! Thank you for sharing the error message. I’ve gone ahead and add it to the Bug report we have regarding this issue. And as soon as I get an update, I’ll make sure to keep you posted!

Thank you for your patience Stefani. Have a nice day!

Hi @Kantor_Notaris_PPAT :wave:

Jumping here to let you know our team was able to resolved this issue from our side. However some users may continue to experience this issue since the actual resolution is on the Internet Provider’s hand.

Our team is currently working with these providers and we hope it will be soon resolved :crossed_fingers:

Please let me know if you have any follow-up question or comment and I’ll be more than happy to assist you further!

Thanks again for your patience and have a great week!

its all good now, has back to normal. i can download files again. thank you Natalie

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