un-merge Organizations

How do I un-merge Organizations?
I have several companies (each company is an organization account), each company has its own unique domain.
once I sign in to one organization I see all organizations (Not good). Is there a way to separate these accounts/organizations? so for each organization, I will need to sign in by its own unique company email address?
BTW - I contacted support and each time I got the same guide: "From your Profile Settings, navigate to either the “Email Notifications” or “Email Forwarding” tab, Click the Remove Email link)
when I follow this guide I get a yellow popup alert “You can’t remove the only email associated with an Organization.”

@Julien_RENAUD maybe you can help?

The suggestion of the support seems to me to be the right solution.
But, you have to be careful to delete the right address from the right account, because an organization linked to a domain must have at least one user with an address of that domain name.

The issue was solved and the organizations were separated thanks to Asana support that worked with me. It seems to be an issue that needs a special activity that only support can do from backend


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