UI Navigation change: Only 7 Team Members displayed in the left sidebar


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I ditto this change by Asana is a BIG pain.

As a manager of a team I would like to simply see my team members and tasks associated with them at a minimum. This change by Asana convolutes this simple need.

This change is unnecessary and a design flaw that is not considering the ease of managing teams, team members, and their tasks. Which should be fundamental to your platform.

I hope you reconsider this change or provide a user configurable dashboard to manage this in a more simplified way for manager of teams and tasks.


Ummm… Nope. That just brings up the Team Settings dialog. You can click on the team members until your mouse breaks & nothing happens.

Thanks to whoever posted the tip about searching for the team member’s name!! That’s a little primitive, but it does work.

Given that, why even bother putting the first 7 in the sidebar? Better question: If we can only “see” 7, how can I pick which particular 7 team members show up there?

Sorry if these have been answered elsewhere; we’re new here & still trying to learn the workflow.

Thank you.


Apparently we can’t edit our posts, so I apologize for the double-tap.

On that link above, the instructions say:

To expand a team to see its members and projects in your sidebar, click on the caret next to the team name. To invite more teammates or create new projects, just click the + button.

That statement doesn’t match the actions on the sidebar. Just FYI so you can clean up your knowledgebase (I hope).

Here’s another chatroom top tip: Can you add a “[Preview]” button in addition to [Reply] and [Cancel] so we can check our posts before we commit them? Especially if we can’t Edit them. Thanks.


Thanks for following up @Jim_Long.

We’re currently in the process of updating our Guide articles to match up the recent UI changes, so sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.

As for editing your post in the community, you should be able to click on the “3 dots” menu below your post to expand the option menu. From there the little “pen” icon should allow you to edit your post!

Hope this helps!


As you can see, your UI presents differently to me than it does to you.

In these OOPS days of reusable code, that seems strange and a little frightening. Not interested in the ‘why’, just pointing out that inconsistency so your coders can fix it.

PS my team likes Asana so far, but they don’t really use it much yet.


Not sure why, but it seems if I select your post with nothing but words & click [Reply], it blockquotes just your text, but when I did that & included your graphic, it blockquoted it & quoted it all again redundantly. Strange…

PS: Sorry, it dawned on my that I’d clicked the 3 dots on your post, not mine. Still, here’s what I get clicking the 3 dots on my own post:

So I guess I’ll {select, copy, delete, edit in Notepad, paste} if I need to edit a post. Thanks.

Edited by the above method to add:
Yes, that works. It’s labor-intensive, which would serve to keep people from correcting themselves, but it works.


Editing a post is only available after you have been quite active in the community (I don’t know the threshold exactly, this is a Discourse configuration, maybe @Marie can find out ). This is not a bug :+1:


Thanks @Bastien_Siebman, I’m checking this out with Discourse and will keep you posted as soon as I have an update @Jim_Long!


Thanks for the update. I don’t understand it, since n00bz like me are far more likely to make mistakes & try to correct them, but let’s get back on topic now, since the OP isn’t being addressed by my issues.

I found a workaround for some of us. Projects appear in a list on the LH panel, so I’m suggesting to our management to use Projects in a way that fits their workflow so they can single-click into anyone’s daily assignments list(s). (I know that breaks the Project-Task-Subtask structure, but “it is what it is” and we’re just trying to make it work for us.)

A big THANK YOU to Asana’s sales support people for leading this old horse to that bucket of water.


@Bastien_Siebman I’m sorry, but an inconsistent UI is not a bug anymore? Mmmm-kay…


I was referring to you not being able to edit your post in Discourse, the “7 members” thing is a bug, quite annoying bug actually :slight_smile:


We agree on the “7 members” thing!! Why do Asana coders even bother? And I’d add that the little round pictures don’t help a single bit in anything other than glitz & glamour since they’re too small to see, they interfere with useful screen real-estate, & (in our case) the pictures the users chose aren’t always pictures of them. Why bother coding it?

But the Principle of Least Astonishment is violated in the post editing rules. Some get to edit, some don’t, no clear reason why without asking as I did or taking the time to go to Blog College. In general terms, a reliable, repeatable UI seems to imply a reliable, dependable code base underneath it. And vice-versa.

List of team members in side pane

HI , i am new to Asana and running 2 organisations and 1 workspace. I want to be able to expand all my team members on the left hand side. I can do this in one workspace , but not in the other 2 organisations. Is there a way to expand the team names list on the side pane so you can see everyone in the team ?


If I understand you correctly you can press the + icon next to your team members and then you will see a list of all the team members in the team.

Hope that helps


If I press the plus button it says “ invite people “ or “ add project “

Kind Regards,



Hi there,

Have a look at this article, I hope it helps



Hi Mihow, I think the behaviour you’re describing has to do with some recent UI changes we have implemented (UI Navigation change: Only 7 Team Members displayed in the left sidebar). We’re still in the process of rolling out this UI update, which explains why you have a different display in your in your Workspace and 2 other Organizations.

To avoid having too many duplicate, I have gone ahead and merged this thread with the main UI Navigation change: Only 7 Team Members displayed in the left sidebar post. Hope that’s ok!



I have more than 10+ members in my group, but the left bar on the home page only displays up to 7 icons. Is there any way to expand this area so that it displays ALL member’s icons? If not, can someone please tell me the easiest way to access a list of my members for me to click into and view each individual’s tasks??

Thank you!


This is a known bug, @Kaitie or @Marie will merge your post in the correct thread :wink:

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