Team member don't show up under team

one guy in our company has the issue, that he doesn’t show up under the team (in the teamlist on the left side). And I’m aware of that only seven members can show up there but that can’t be the problem, because the teams have at most 3 members. I would like to know if this is a known problem and what i can do against it?
Thank you, Philip

When you open the team settings and the member list, do you see him? :thinking:

Yes there i can see him.

There might be a bug with the list of members on the left then :thinking: @Marie should we move this thread into the bug category?

Hi @Philip_Haerke and thank you for reaching out!

Let me see if we can work on this together. In order to investigate this further, I would need to ask you for some more information.

Could you please follow these steps:

  1. Access your Team Settings (You can learn how to do it on this article:

  2. Access the “Members” Tab

  3. Share a screenshot of the List of Members you see there (please, make sure to hide any private information)

Looking forward to your reply!

Hi There,
I have the same problem (after a member deleted the 4th account of the team) : Now we are 3 in the team description and only two are displayed on the side bar.
Any solution?