Two way sync with Google Sheets


Hi All,

Has anyone had any luck syncing some but not all Asana tasks and comments with google sheets? My goal is to make it possible for a client to see information relevant to them in a google sheet and keep Asana as an internal tool. The goal is to prevent rekeying in both Asana and a google sheet but give the client the flexibility to use whichever one they prefer.

Thanks for any help.


I couldn’t use Google Sheets sync as you need a business account. Other option is to use sharable link that Instagantt allows you to create.


Yes seems like it can work with the API…the API must allow different queries which you can send to Google Sheets (you also would need a Google Sheet API key).

Are you going to attempt it? I will want to do something similar, but not sure on my timeline to have it developed…perhaps a developer already has a good module or way to sync to gsheets now that I’m not aware of?