Turning off "Like" notifications


Does anyone know how to stop inbox notifications for “likes” on projects/comments etc?


Hi @Becky_Patterson

At the moment there is no way to customize the types of notifications you receive. You either receive notifications, or you don’t. That said, you have posted this request in the right place as our developers often check in to see what our members are looking for us to improve and/or develop.

Thanks for adding your voice to the conversation!


@Becky_Patterson be aware that some people are using the Likes to actually give approval, so if you remove the notification, you might break some processes (unless you instructed people otherwise obviously).

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Great point @Bastien_Siebman!


That’s a fair point. For our team, folks click “like” to acknowledge that they’ve read a comment. I don’t really need a notification for this because I can look at the comment and hover over the icon to see who’s acknowledged it if I need verification. The problem is that my inbox ends up bloated as a result of so many notifications.