Turning off "Like" notifications

Hi there Asana team,

I’ve been using Asana for two years now and have found that the Like function in Asana is really confusing. It’s very distracting when people keep liking tasks but that like doesn’t really have a meaning and clogs the inbox. I’ve trained my team not to use the Likes function unless it’s a requested approval but sometimes people still use it like they would on Slack or Teams or Messanger for example. However in these messengers, there is an option to turn the notification off for Liking, but in Asana it’s not possible.

I think there should be an option to turn off notifications for likes for the whole team or to turn this function off.

Thanks for your consideration!


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Not sure why Asana insists on having the like feature as an option that cannot be disabled. In a busy project center where we are hiring people all over the world, having likes constantly in the inbox is a waste and a pain. I get the appreciation thing, but having to TELL contractors and staff not to use it or else is more of a business hinderence. Hopefully they will fix this or I am sure a competitor will take note of this weakness.


Most of their competitors have it set so that this, and other features can be turned on or off at the organization level to fit your own internal processes.

I’m sure Asana will get around to this at some point. They’ve been making a lot of headway recently with respect to both high-level features (like goals) as well as making their way back to enhancing older features that should’ve been fully fleshed out before released in the first place (e.g. hypertext for links, markdown (in progress), form piping, subtasks on boards, etc.).

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I second providing more flexibility on what types of notices come thru the inbox. Preferably individuals could disable a way to turn off thumbs up notice per personal preference.

I also DESPARATELY need to be able to filter my inbox by person. If there was a way to filter messages from: team member. That would be so tremendously helpful, you have no idea.


Strong +1 for being able to turn off “like” notifications in the Asana inbox. I’m sure some users find them useful, however for my workflow they seem to serve little function other than clogging my inbox :sweat_smile:


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add this function. Our team loves to keep things light with likes and appreciation stickers for, as someone stated above, approving or reading a comment, but it is really crowding inboxes and resulting in missed notifications.

Any movement on this feature? Jul 2018 :frowning:

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Jumping on this ‘like’ train too. It’s such an inbox clogger :frowning:

@Bastien_Siebman Any movement at Asana on creating this filter? I’d love to see it under the “Assigned to me, @ Mentioned, Assigned by me” list. Maybe a “Likes Off” toggle.
Our team has grown hugely in the last few months and I am hearing “clutter” over and over as an excuse for missing notifications (Which, yes, is part management of my team but please help me remove this excuse lol)

Another vote for turning off ‘like’ notifications. People in our org are avoiding Asana because of inbox overwhelm which is obviously A BAD THING!

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I’m not sure if this is the right discussion to post my question, but I’m hoping the answer is simple. I want to make sure I supply this answer during training so our users are aware of it from the beginning.

Scenario Background:
I’m new to using Asana and I don’t want to bombard my team with unwanted inbox messages.
As a user, let’s say I try my best to reduce the use of my likes to help simplify my co-worker’s inbox. If I like something, but decide to respond instead, would

  1. Un-liking a comment cancel/null the previous like comment and drop off my co-workers’ inboxes?


  1. Un-liking a comment cause an additional notification in the inbox?

Another vote here to turn off the clunky “Like” notifications. I get literally dozens of these per day and they are not useful at all. I don’t know anyone who actually uses a “Like” as an official approval either. If they do they should reconsider using a real workflow.

Has there been any update on this? @Marie @Bastien_Siebman @Michael_A
I’ve tried training my team not to use Likes at all, as we all see inbox items if we are copied in and approvals can be given by a comment if needed (not everything needs approval). Unfortunately people still like using likes :slight_smile: Our team is growing and it’s slowly turning into an echo chamber and we miss important conversations. If we can turn off notifications for the same function in Teams and Slack, why can’t we do it in Asana?
thank you :slight_smile:


Please let us disable notifications for likes! I don’t care if someone liked my comment, I only need to know if they actually replied to me. I use the Asana web app with desktop notifications, so I cannot just filter my emails. This is a glaring omission on an otherwise

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Would really appreciate an option for disabling “Like” notifications. They provide no new information in my workflow and act more as a courtesy which ends up cluttering my inbox.


Please, please, Asana – give us some Like controls!

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Hi there. I would really LIKE it if you could please provide an option to disable “like” notification emails. THANKS!


My team is LIKELY to stop using Asana all together unless there is a way to turn this off? The number of notifications is really leaving a bad taste in everyone’s mouth at this time. Not asking for the world here.

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+1 to wanting the option to turn off “XYZ liked your comment” notifications - It’s noisy in my inbox!