Using 'liked' tasks as a bookmark/flag/star

For a long time I wondered if there was a practical use to ‘liking’ a task beyond just a visual indication and I think I’ve found it. You can search for tasks liked by a specific individual so I created a report for tasks liked by me. It’s essentially a bookmark/flag/star for tasks that I want to track but there could be more uses that I have not discovered yet.


Great tip, @ham! Thank you so much for sharing :star: You can also save your search as report and you can access it quickly from your sidebar, find all the steps in this article:

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It is also used to run polls. Have a roadmap project, get company to like what they want the company to work on, and sort the view by likes.


This is exactly how we use it as well - mainly voting on internal stuff.

We also have a project called “Places to eat” and we have listed most places around us and also where you can order in. All colleagues vote and leave a comment from time to time, so we know what it good and what not.


Thanks @Emily_Roman. Yes I neglected to mention that I then save it as a report for the tasks liked by myself and then can refer to is as my bookmarked tasks essentially.

Some great suggestions here on using it for polling or that ‘places to eat’ project (although I am not entirely convinced that Asana should be used for non-task items).