Mark a task as a favorite



We can mark projects as favorites. How about the ability to mark tasks as favorites? There are tasks that I need to reference. It would be great if I didn’t have to search for those every time.


You could do a search for the specific tasks and then add them as a report… They wouldn’t be in the favorites section, but would be in the left hand pane under reports.

If you don’t know how to save reports:


@RyanE, thanks. Unfortunately, that would only work as long as the tasks aren’t too different. In other words, unless I am misunderstanding your suggestion, the search would have to be broad enough to return the diverse tasks I want but not so broad that it would return tasks I don’t need. Does that make sense?


It does make sense. I wasn’t saying to try and define a search to broadly find all these tasks though. My understanding was that you wanted specific tasks to be favorited so they were one click away. Because you can’t click on a “star” to favorite a task, you’d create a new advanced search for each task individually and then save that search as a report. Now that one task is a single click away as a report that finds only that task. If there are a lot of these types of tasks, or if they show up and get completed with frequency, it probably won’t be worth the work to set them up. If they’re long running tasks though…

But I had another idea that might be better than my original one that would get your favorite tasks down to being two-clicks away:

Create a tag called “My Favorite Tasks” or some such and apply it to those tasks you like. Then favorite that Tag from it’s tag page (You can favorite a tag). You won’t have all your tasks in the left-hand bar, but you’ll have easy access to a list of them.

Let me know what you think about that.


@RyanE, good idea. Would the tag be available to the organization? In other words, could someone else use the tag and cause those other tasks to appear even though they aren’t the task that are my favorites?


Simple answer: Yes.

If your concern is others making use of your tag, I’d suggest naming it “Will_Reade’s Favorite Tasks” that way if anyone uses it, they’re doing it intentionally and risking ire. You can use task stories to see people modifying tasks, but oddly, Asana lets you delete the stories you create:

I really dislike that feature, but other people really hate the stories because they take up space so I think this was a way to let those people maybe remove them all. Either way, I think a force of evil could make use of it and cover their tracks.

Back on topic, some extra info on tags that I’ve learned:
I don’t fully know what affects tag visibility. If you put a tag on a task someone else can see, then they can see and use that tag also. Inversely, I’ve created tags for my team that they couldn’t see (until I’ve added the tag to a task they can). Likewise, if I create a tag and then remove it from the task I created it on, then that tag disappears for me and everyone else and I have to create it again. This might save you some time if you start to use tags. I tend to create new tags on old completed tasks that no one looks at to prevent these issues.


@RyanE, great stuff. Thanks for all your help!