Setting a Report as a Favorite

Is it possible to set a Report as a Favorite? If not, any workaround suggestions? I have quite a few reports and need certain ones to stand out, ideally within my group of other favorites.

@DavidWS no unfortunately. Reports are their own section underneath favourites. You can reorder them within that section except they have to appear below the default created Asana ones.

One workaround could be to create a Report project that you can favourite and then have tasks as the report name. Then either in the description or custom field you can add the report url.


Thanks Jason. Interesting workaround!
I remain surprised at how often I come across missing features that seem so basic. Asana is a wonderful program, but they seem to miss the obvious in many instances. Setting a Report as a favorite should be a no brainer.

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Can you share your exact need behind this? Do you want to quickly access a report? Do you have too many and which one can stand out? If yes, you can use a star emoji :star: in the report name maybe?

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I simply have a daily routine that involves reviewing certain projects and reports, and thus have easy access to them from a Favorites menu would be extremely helpful. The current layout of Reports is not useful since you can’t even put a particular report on the top of the list.
So, again, one location for favorites of any kind would be very useful and fit into my workflow much better.


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Makes sens indeed. In the mean time the emoji trick should work I believe.