Turning of Inbox Notifications to applied task

I had this issue already in October of 2019 and the Asana Support reacted in hyper-speed and fixed the problem, which kind of impressed me :blush:

When rules were introduced, every rule that was triggered created an inbox message, which got pretty annoying cleaning up the inbox all the time. Anyway, as written above the problem got resolved. I am referring to my Feedback Turning off Inbox Notifications for applied rules - Product Feedback - Asana Community Forum

Since rules were launched, that could change the due date of a task, a few months ago, exactly the same problem occurs again. I use a rule to automatically shift all overdue tasks to the next day. Works great… but in the morning I need quite some time kicking out all of theses senseless notifications from my inbox.

Would it be possible to cancel all notification that rules generate? That would be a big relief.

Hi @Philip_McCreight, thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback!

Are the notifications you refer to your “Tasks Due Today” notifications? If so, you will receive a notification for all tasks due today as long as you have this setting turned on, regardless of whether or not the task was updated by a Rule.

You can turn these notifications off by going to your Profile Settings, under the Hacks tab!

I hope this helps!

Thank you for your fast reply. In the beginning I also checked that setting and it is definitely correct. I also don’t receive any notification of due tasks in the inbox. This only happens (although correct setting in “Hacks”) when the due date is shifted by a rule. As mentioned in my original message, this also occurred years ago for all task with an applied rule, but was luckily switched off.

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