Turn off date ranges

I know that many people like the date range feature. For my team, however, we don’t want to be prompted to use a date range. We can of course avoid using a range by clicking a second time on the start date or elsewhere on the screen, but this feels clunky. Is there a way to turn off the date range feature? Thanks!

hello @Devon_Devine . Could you elaborate about being prompted to add a date range?

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Hi Paul, by “prompting to add a date range” I mean that Asana leaves open the calendar so that I can then also add a second date to create a range. I’d prefer if it was one click on the calendar to add a single due date and then the calendar would close immediately. I never use ranges.
Thanks for the question.

@Devon_Devine I now understand.
I agree taht one feels that the datepicker should just disappear after selecting a date. I tend to just click off the datepicker eg on a new task I want to open or on the description of the current task. This gets my to my next step quick and it also saves the date as the due date (no need to add a start date). I think the datepicker should stay open if your next step is to set a time or change recurrence of the date. In this case it would be frustrating if the datepicker automatically closed before editing the time or recurrence of the task.

Thanks Paul. Glad to hear that it’s not just us.
I use the same work around: I tend to just click off the datepicker eg on a new task

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