turn a section into a project?

I have a project set up for a client who has a bunch of clients we do work for. I have each client set up as a section within that main project.

Now, our client is shutting down and passing over all of their clients to us. Is there an easy way for me to turn each of those sections into their own projects?


Hi @Tracey_Kazimir-Cree

Unfortunately there is no direct way to do this. Please find the workaround by a fellow Forum Leader @lpb below

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Hi Mike. Thanks for your speedy reply. It took a bit to understand, but I think I got it working! Have a great day!


I just thought of one more question: If I copy those tasks to the new project and then delete them from the old one, it also goes away in the new project. How do I avoid that?

If you multihome tasks, like you are doing, you cannot delete tasks from the original project.

My suggestion would be to label the project with the original tasks appropriately (such as Client Name - Multihomed Tasks - DO NOT DELETE) and basically archive and not delete that project once they are all transferred over to the new projects.

Sounds confusing, but I have utilized this and has worked great

Great! Thanks for your help, @Mike_Tammaro!

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