Converting a section into a Project

I like the overall tool, but getting technical support in my opinion is not easy to find and for the fees that I am paying I can’t find anyway to call for support. Does anyone know how to convert a section into a new project?

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What plan are you on and with how many seats?

This feature does not exist, sorry. @Emily_Roman do we have an existing thread?

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There’s no explicit feature, but it’s easy:

  1. Mark and copy (Cmd+C) the Section Title
  2. Multi-select the tasks in the section (up to 50 at once)
  3. In the bottom toolbar, click the first icon, then the edit icon next to the current project name, then paste (Cmd+V) the section title to be used as project title, then click “Create project for …”

Make sure the project is in the team you want it to be.



This has saved me so much time - thank you!!


Can you do this in the reverse? Can you create a section from a project?

Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Shannon_H :wave:

  1. Create a new project with the section you need OR add a new section to an existing project
  2. Go to list view in the project where you have all the tasks that you want to move
  3. Multi-select the tasks you want to move: Task actions: create, move, duplicate, and more | Product guide • Asana Product Guide and then add them to the other project or multi-home them if needed

I hope that helps :slight_smile:

Nope. Not quite was I was asking. I created a project that I’d like to duplicate and make a section in another project. Does that help define it better?

Ah okay I see.
Then you could create a template project with all the tasks, create a new project from the template and bulk move the tasks to the existing project where you need them. Or you can just have a project named as template that you will duplicate.

Now depending on the amount of tasks you have in the section task templates might help also.

Have a look here: 💡 How to have a section template

This is so not neurodivergent friendly. I keep getting frustrated with Asana and that my inability to do things is because I don’t know how to use the tool, but it would seem that overall the entire product is limited.

Welcome, @Claire23, and I’m sorry you keep running into things. Asana has a vast feature set directed at almost any organization so they have to make choices. Usually they strike a good balance, many of us feel, but not always. Sorry again.



Thanks for your empathy!