Apply Changes to a Task to All Project


We have been busy revising our master template, is there any way to copy this into all of our existing projects? That would make it easier to revise individual components within the existing project already.


I don’t think there is. I’ve been running into this more as we’ve expanded. I don’t think it’s a huge pain point, but if you have standing projects that you use as directories and not as real projects, you could run into an issue where you have to update lots of projects to mimic the newer template/standard.

We might be able to help if you give us a use case suggestion/explanation, but from what you told me I don’t think so =)


@Amie +1 to Caisha’s point. This is a great idea, though, and we can definitely see how it would be helpful.


@Amie if you were talking about sections, that you want to change the master template to have different section names, then this should be changed across all… this is what do, i have a project called “Sections” where i have all sections that i use across different projects i.e. Approvals, Accounts Pay… then i add each section into 1 or more projects (so the same section is used across) so at any time we change a section name it will change across all existing projects see


@Leiby_Markowitz in order for that to work, I must have each project added to that section name then, correct? I use my template across multiple clients so that could get really messy looking. I wish I could minimize that top part somehow so when you click on the task you don’t see the long list of projects it’s under. I have to scroll down half a page to get to the actual task description :slight_smile:


@Amie Correct … and i am only putting multiple projects in the “sections” not in any of the tasks and most people dont even look inside a section, and i dont comment in a section