Trying to connect asana overview to powerbi

Hi all,
I have a AWS virtual desktop on which powerbi is install and i am trying to connect to asana overview.
I have the following error:
Capture d’écran 2022-02-18 à 17.31.21
“certifiedextension is invalid”.
I have already used powerbi but first time i try to connect to asana dataset.
any help appreciated;

Hi all,
Some more infos: I can connect to the data and open them in power query editor but it seems that the custom fields creates pb:

Has anyone recommandation on how to deal with those fields?

If i remove those columns in power query editor then data are loaded correctly thus question is is it possible to access custom field of task with asana powerbi connector?

Last update: seems that answer is already in the community:Load Asana custom fields via Power BI API - #8 by Will.S

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