Trying to automate the business processes; how does Asana can help me here?

Hey all,

I am an entrepreneur and I own a Logistics & Supply Chain business near my home town. I am thinking of automating our back-office works as we have an extensive number of contracts. I used to manage the contract in spreadsheets, but as the number of contract increased, it has become difficult to manage with the spreadsheet alone. I am constantly scared of missing out on the deadline of the contracts. I am in for purchase customized software, but I can’t wait too long to get it. For the time being, I am using SharePoint application.

Recently, We are getting newsletter from different CMS vendors, and we are looking into it, I’ve already contacted a few of them like- Dock 365 contract management system, TrustRadius contract management system to learn about the features provided by their software. I have scheduled a meeting with them in the coming week for discussing more about the cost and policies. One of my friends has also suggested Asana to me. He seems to be pretty much impressed and confident about Asana. So, before heading to meeting with mentioned people I’d like to know your experience with Asana. So that I can have an idea about the same before meeting up with others.