Manage contracts lifecycle in Asana

Hi there,

I’m kinda New to Asana and ready to go for the next level in task management.
i have a question about contract management. i looked on the different section in the forum and via the search, but so far nothing what answers my questions.

Here i Go:

Our company, a services company, works nearly only with Freelance consultants on projects at our clients.
It is extremely important that contracts are set-up on time, but there are certain steps to be taken.
I would like to try to manage these possible steps in Asana + keeping it simple. i tried already with the custom fields, sections, … but i don’t find an easy way to manage it.

So what do i need to follow-up:
contract consultant
info consultants > send template > received questions on contract > received company details > In review with Legal > agreement on the contract > contract singed by CEO > meeting scheduled with consultants for signature. > registered in CRM

Contract Client
received contract client > received PO client

both these can take quite a long time sometimes, but we need to keep an eye that we don’t forgot these… > saved on the server

extensions of contracts
Client > request extensions > agreement by consultants > received contract > received PO > save on the server
Consultants > request extensions > agreed by consultants > sent through docusign > register in CRM

i hope this is clear and someone can help me.

How come custom fields did not work for your use case?

As i didn’t managed to get a clear view on which state we are, as sometimes these are simultaniously.

What about a combination of custom fields and sorting the list by one field?

If anyone has an answer or work around for this, I am running into a similar issue with managing contract life cycles as well!