Opinion/suggestion on a few things like contract management

Hi all,

I don’t know if this is the right place, but I’d really like to have your opinion/suggestion on a few things. I am pretty sure a few of you may be able to help me. As you might be aware that every business relies on contracts, so does mine. Even Though my organization doesn’t have thousands of contracts to manage, it is hard to follow each one of them. Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution is just not the answer as we have already given a shot at it. We are looking for efficient contract management tools. We have already contacted a few of the contract review software vendors after filtering from the numerous that we found on the internet.
We are looking forward to a contract management solution with features like- Contract Management Tools, Increased Contract Visibility, Notify Renewal Date or Negotiation Opportunity, Enhanced Searching Capabilities, and other common basic features.
We are aware that the same contract can have different implications for different teams in our organization. For e.g., the sales team may want to close the deal asap, but the same does not go for the legal team as they’d want to double-check the situation and be thorough to ensure the minimized liability. Naturally, this can cause a conflict between the team. But with the contract review software it will become easier for teams to balance their priorities. Summing up, these are a few reasons why I’d like to have the software implemented as soon as possible. Also, I’d like here from you all about how Asana has helped you with tasks like these. Any suggestions from your end are much appreciated!

Hi @Brittany_Simpson, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! I recommend you checking our Asana projects examples: Ways to use Asana • Asana. There you can find a couple of projects to help you organize your tasks and find the best way to organize and prioritize contracts.

I also see another members asked a similar question, you can join the conversation here: Manage contracts lifecycle in Asana

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi Brittany,

I am wondering whether you have been able to use Asana for any of the tasks/processes described? Running into a similar issues and can’t find meaningful examples/use cases, so your feedback would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Hi Emely, could you please be more specific when directing to examples of How to use Asana - anything specific (projects/use cases) for the contract management you would recommend exploring? I have difficulty to find relevant and not generic info. Many thanks!