Help Getting A Bankruptcy Law Firm to Adopt Asana for their internal Project/Client Management

I am simultaneously implementing both a CRM and a new Project Management solution for my new Bankruptcy Law Firm client;

The main issue with Asana is that it requires a separate app to track time; I think they are familiar with Toggl but I’ve never used it and not familiar with it.

I am also UNFAMILIAR with how a bankruptcy attorney’s workflow looks like; I need to literally watch my client for a DAY to see how he is currently working, to see how I can replicate his current processes and further improve them;

Does anyone have a law firm client using Asana? Even better if YOU ARE an attorney yourself, maybe you can walk me through how an attorney’s workflow looks like.

Right now they are using the FREE version of Insightly to manage the contacts and also tasks/projects.

I want to tell them confidently that Asana can suffice as their long-term project management solution, but I’m not sure exactly how they use their current system.

Hey @FATBOY I’m not an attorney, but I have helped a few clients to setup and optimise their Asana accounts. If you or your clients ever need help with Asana, please let me know. You can learn more about me and book a free intro call with me here:

I think @Kaitie will be a good person to chime in here.

We do have law firm customers, where a specific team like marketing is using Asana. This can be a helpful way to build things out. Sounds like sitting with the client and examining their current processes is the ideal way to understand the best workflow for them. Everyone is different! :slight_smile:

@FATBOY I spoke to a CSM at Asana who has worked with a client on something like this! Thanks for your help, @Aisling! :slight_smile: Here are the details:

This firm is using Asana primarily for contract reviews.

  • Clients submit contract reviews via a Wufoo form with a contract attached. Guide article on Wufoo/Asana integration here.
  • The Wufoo form and attached contract populate a specific Asana project
  • Note: you have the option to automatically assign forms to a person or assign manually in Asana
  • Finally, the firm must download the file and manually return it (via email) to the client

@FATBOY is this helpful? And does this look familiar to any community members?

@FATBOY I currently run a division for a $30M professional services firm that utilizes many of the same core processes as a law firm (completing tasks, tracking time, billing for services). We switched to Asana + Everhour several years ago and went through many of the growing pains that you will probably face with this client. I would be happy to talk you through our experience; the good / bad / ugly and how we eventually developed he ideal process to make these tools work for our firm. Feel free to reach out to me at

@FATBOY @MattO This makes me so happy! So kind of you to reach out, Matt. Please update us and/or DM me when you chat. I’d love to learn what comes of the conversation.

Also, @MattO Could you elaborate a bit on some of the growing pains you’ve seen with this professional services firm and the Asana + Everhour switch? Are there any techniques you can recommend for easing those growing pains? Thanks for your insights!

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@MattO you will be hearing from me in 10 seconds :blush:

@MattO How would I go about contacting you to learn your perspectives on implementing Asana in a services business. I have a law firm that is asking me about it.

Thanks @MattO, very good conversation today.

@FATBOY I am an attorney. We are slowing rolling out Asana here. The Harvest time app integration for Asana is awesome and works perfectly for what you are describing.

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I am an actual attorney trying to use Asana to automate as much as possible of my work flows. If you want to ask questions about how attorneys work and what they need or want automation to do, feel free to reach out to me.

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Dear @dsenoff,

4 years later, I’m a corporate attorney acting as consulting GC for clients, I’m using harvest and asana and would be very grateful to learn any tips, tricks and templates you might have.

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