Professional Services Firms Using Asana

I would be interested in how many professional services firms such as lawyers, CPA’s etc use Asana with standardized procedures for document preparation or in the case of CPA’s audits, reviews, compilations etc. In addition if they are using integrated billing such as Harvest. It certainly can be done, but I don’t know how many do it and if any large firms do it. @Alexis, you might know if medium to large firms are using Asana versus the small or single person consultants.


One of the initial questions would be, are clients set up as a Team to take advantage of a deeper structure or a Project. If Team, there could be a lot of Teams, if Project, it might force you into sub-tasks which has had several conversations on pluses and minuses. It Teams, another reason I am advocating global expand/collapse to team level. I am attaching an example template of Checklist for Estate Administration, which could be one engagement for a client. Would welcome feedback on Team, Project, Task, Section, Subtask set-up. I am attaching a PDF of an example Service for an attorney for example. Thank you @alexis for allowing the site to use PDF’s.Checklist for Estate Administration.pdf (255.5 KB)


While I’m unable to speak to the specific professional services numbers, I can confirm that companies of all sizes use Asana. I’m interested to hear from Community members on this one, too.

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I am new to Asana and still deciding on how to use it. As a one man CFO outsourcing firm (for now), I plan to use Asana to manage my projects and tasks for each client. I set up a few clients as projects, but then started wondering if a client should be set up at the Team level. One benefit I see in keeping them at the project level is that I like having the client name appear on My Tasks list for each task. I also believe have 2 levels, Task and Sub-tasks fore each client will be sufficient for my work. But I’m open to suggestions and am leery about going down a path on which I’ll regret later. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.


@James_Carl i have been using asana for a while and looking for this kind of implementation with no so much reference. So i just did what was my best for my firm in Nicaragua.

We are a business proadvisor firm, we do Accounting, Bookkeepping, Payrol, Backoffice as well as legal services with 20 employees. We handle contracts (recurrent services) as well as tickets (services requests).

So we have a team for TICKETS. Inside of this team we have a project that centralized all services requests bur for larger requests we create a project too inside of TICKET team.

We have a team for ACCOUNTING & BOOKKEPPING, PAYROLL, BACKOFFICE and for LEGAL. All of this are for services contracts managment. We have one project for each client. For new clients we just copy a project similar to the new client. Services Contracts are structured (mean list of tasks) depending on the scope of our services using due dates, recurring tasks and of course sections too. Please note if an active client that have an active contract send a service request we just linked that ticket to the project for the client. As an example, if an accounting client request an special audit the ticket created for the special audit will be linked to the project of accounting service of that client.

On the communication with the client, we were just adding clients as guests on their projects or tasks as well, but in order to keep private the inside work of the firm we created a private project named CRM TICKETS, and other one CRM CONTRACTS so for each ticket is created a task, on that task we send updated and others, but the inside work is hapening at other project so client is not able or there is no chance to share information by mistake.

Please note, at CRM projects we just add clients as guest on their respective tasks, not to the projects.

Hope this is helpfull, please let me know your feedback and from @Alexis will be great to hear some comments too.



Happy to add some thoughts!

  • Have you thought about using a Google Forms or equivalent integration for forwarding tickets and/or client info to Asana?

  • Custom fields would be a great fit for the work you’re doing and would certainly help you declutter your projects. You could have custom fields for accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, etc., for example. you could also have a custom field for active client and/or service request send status. Lots you can do with custom fields to organize your info more!

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Dear @Alexis thanks a lot for your feedback. It is very important to me.

YES, will be great if you can suggest other processes that you have in mind.


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Hi Jim,

I was searching through the forum for use cases for professional services firms and came across this thread. I was wondering if you’re still using Asana for your CFO outsourcing firm. If so, have you added additional team members since this was originally posted in 2017?

Thank you,

Hi James,

I was searching through the forum for use cases for professional services firms and came across this thread. I see that you’re a Certified Pro as well. Have you helped any professional services firms implement Asana?


Hi James, I just found this post with your checklist for estate planning. I would love to connect with you regarding consultants who can set up 4 very similar workflows including estate administration workflow, trust admin workflow, estate planning and guardianships.