⚖ Asana Law Firm /Legal Tech/Legal Service Providers Use Cases

Any law-firm folks out there? What has been your experience with Asana? What are the pros and cons of this tool? We are using Asana for multiple business services departments and want to hear more about your deployment experiences. Has Asana been deployed cross functionally or does it exist within a single department?


I pinged a law firm client so they can come and testify :slight_smile: but from what I know Asana is great for law firms :slight_smile:


thank you so much Bastien! I highly appreciate your help.


Hello @Malika_Pulatova ! I am a lawyer who runs a firms almost entirely on Asana - what’s up? Let’s chat!

Thanks @Bastien_Siebman for bringing this to my attention.


@Eli_Zbar thank you! can we possibly talk over webex or any other platform you prefer. May I schedule something for us next week?
Thank you!

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@Eli_Zbar will set up something next week. Thank you!

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This thread is now the official “gathering of lawyers and legal service providers who use asana” meeting place.

Looking for people who:

  • are lawyers or law firms looking to use Asana, or using Asana to manage client files

  • Law firm admin teams/IT/HR using Asana or looking to use Asana to manage non-client matters

  • Legal tech and service providers selling services to law firm, using or looking to use asana

@Bastien_Siebman @Malika_Pulatova @Andy_L @Cindy_Fragliossi


Here on an invite from @Eli_Zbar and looking forward to being part of the convo! My small company uses Asana to manage the ongoing projects we have serving the legal profession, but I can’t say we do anything too novel outside of basic project management.
That said, I see SO much potential for law firms to use Asana, the lack of systems I see in general out there is shocking.
Question: are there any Asana workflows or “templates” as such that have been put together specifically for law firms? There is another SaaS platform I won’t name that is doing a very good job of using templates as a means to get new users onboarded and using the product quickly. Asana takes some time to get to know, maybe this would help?

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Hey @Matt_Sims first - congrats on your first Asana forum post!

I have built templates for myself for each practice area, both task and project templates. TO my knowledge, Asana does not come pre built with anything like that tho.

Hey @Eli_Zbar - I am a partner at a small boutique firm, and I would love any insight you have on how to structure Asana for a law practice. I am the only user at the moment, but I would love to build out something for the entire firm to use. Happy to speak with you privately or compensate you for your time (whatever is most appropriate). Thank you in advance for your help.



Hi Chris! Congrats on your first forum post :smile:

Can you please email me at ezbar [at] arorazbar.com to arrange a chat?

I’m working to launch a new implementation with my transactional real estate practice. I had previously built an entire workflow while in house for a CRE lender, complete with dependencies and department delegated tasks.

Present goal is to manage an entire series of sale leasebacks on behalf of purchaser/landlord, monitoring the DD process and open client credit memorandum note process. Would love to build in some report aspects to monitor “at a glance”.

Would always welcome a chance to geek out/collaborate for best ways to handle and otherwise incorporate it into work processes.

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Hi @Christopher_Steele1 - I’m using Asana with my assistant to track trust administration steps. I created a sample project and we use it as a template for each new TA client. I’ve added a description for each task to help remind my assistant what needs to be done. This is still a work in progress. I like the notes feature to help us track work done and it allows me to assisgn tasks, or my assistant to ask for help. I’m sure that there is much more that we could be doing and welcome ideas.

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New law firm owner here. Any Asana templates you have created for estate planning or probate process?

Hoping to integrate my firms full process with Asana

Hey all, just reading through this string. I am an energy lawyer, renewable energy, deals structure, development, etc and project management is becoming a bigger part of my day to day for clients. Looking at asana to help me track everything. interested to read and see how others have used this

I work at a large NY law firm and we use Asana to log and track our regulatory filings.

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Hey! I’m a solo practitioner who just started using Asana. Still getting familiar with it (and actually with any project management platform–coming from a big firm where we didn’t have ANY project management, which is so crazy to me). Wondering if anyone out there has been able to use Asana for matter management and billing as well? I currently also have Clio, but I’m realizing I really only use it for billing, keeping tack of contact info, and conflict checks, and it seems like a really expensive tool for just those simple things, so I’m wondering if anyone uses Asana for other core legal functions (e.g., a zapier integration to send tracked time to some other billing platform like Quickbooks)? Appreciate any and all thoughts :).

Hi, Katherine - I would love to collaborate with you - I’m in a similar position with similar needs!

Hi there,

I work in a plaintiff’s personal injury practice and am trying to figure out how to use Asana for my practice. What practice area are you in?

I am in real estate and corporate law – my partner does litigation, mostly construction. We use it for everything.