E-Sign Integration Recommendations

I’ve been recently trying out Rules for my companies projects and I’m trying to find the best cost-effective integration for signing contracts in our small business.

Customers receive a Asana Form and fill out their info which goes to different custom tags in a project’s task.
What I need to do is to get those tasks to fill out a template contract in the easiest and cheapest online signing platform there is (We send no more than 5 contracts a month) and get it sent out automatically, hopefully informing every step in Asana.

I understand I must use something like zapier or make.com and I have used PandaDoc before, but I don’t want to be paying so much cause we’re a small business and do not send too many documents.
Can anyone recommend the best way to achieve this?


Hello @Andrés_Vilensky,

Not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for but there are various tools that directly integrate with Asana such as [Docusign](DocuSign + Asana • Asana.
Now I know there are also some that you don‘t pay monthly for but can get a cheap lifetime deal such as Grabsign for example (have used it before is okay in terms of features for the price). Now those I am not sure however if you can connect them with Asana somehow.

Also here is an existing feedback request thread that you might be interested in upvoting.

Hi @Andrea_Mayer!
Thanks! But I tried connecting Asana to DocuSign and it doesn’t seem to be working. There are no rules created to be used with it…
What I need is to fill a document template from any signing app with certain tags from a task… I think I will have to use zapier or an alternative.
Thanks anyway!

Did you have any luck with this? I still cant get it to work