Tracking User Engagement/Activity

I’m curious if anyone has found a good way to view user engagement (specifically on a day to day basis)? We can filter by “Assignee” and “Last Modified” but that doesn’t get me where I want to go. Ideally I would like to follow the activity of new employees to monitor their most recent actions taken in asana to review their work and confirm if they are engaging properly. What I’m really wanting is a “last modified by _______” filter. Does anything like that exist?

On a side note, it would be really cool to get Tasks Completed/Comments made breakdowns by User in the Admin Console like we get for the whole organization.

Hi @Chris_Bridges

I think you might want to look at the Report feature.

Dimensions such as:

  • Assignee
  • Creator
  • Task count
  • Time to complete

To be combined with filters:

  • Completed tasks vs Incomplete
  • Period of time (past period or incoming period)

The rest is up to your imagination :slightly_smiling_face:

A random example :

And the beauty of it is that you can click on the chart to see the tasks behind the data (then the report also acts as a search function).

Consider using the Report feature in Asana, which allows you to track user engagement based on dimensions like Assignee and Creator, and apply various filters to get the insights you need. This feature provides detailed breakdowns and is accessible via charts and data.