Tracking SLA delivery in Asana


My team deliver a set of assets, all with different SLAs (5-10 days). We now want to track how many % of these tasks that were completed within that SLA/delivery date. The problem is there is no time stamp on when someone hits “Complete” on an asset that I can compare to when the task was created and/or desired delivery date.

Can I somehow track if a task was marked as Complete after the determined delivery date was up?

Worst case, I have to ask a custom field saying “SLA met?” with a Yes/No for the team to fill out, but that feels like a dumb way to solve the problem.


You can display the completion date in a column in list view if you want using the “Show fields” button.

In addition, by using 3rd party services, you can compute the number of days between completion and due date and place it in a field.

This is for example a service I was able to create (you can email me at

Thank you for the tip - that would work but would be hard to create a nice dash board inside Asana showing the SLA. I’ll try this idea on the team and see if they prefer that or a simple custom field saying Yes/No