Top 5 Asana Integrations for Maximizing Productivity

Asana is one of the most popular project management tools in the market today. This powerful software helps teams to collaborate, communicate and manage their projects efficiently. Asana offers several integrations that can streamline your workflow and boost your productivity. Here are the top 5 Asana integrations for maximizing productivity:

  1. Slack Integration: Slack and Asana are a match made in heaven. With this integration, you can receive notifications on new tasks, due date changes, and comments within Asana without leaving Slack. This integration makes it easier to communicate and collaborate with team members, and it eliminates the need to switch between apps.

  2. Google Drive Integration: Google Drive is another powerful tool that integrates seamlessly with Asana. The integration allows you to attach files from your Google Drive account to your tasks in Asana. This feature enables team members to access and collaborate on project documents in real-time, enhancing productivity.

  3. Time Tracking Integration: Time tracking is an essential feature for any team that bills clients on an hourly basis. Asana’s time tracking integrations, such as Toggl and Everhour, help you to track the time you spend on tasks, projects, clients, and team members. With this information, you can easily generate invoices or reports for clients, helping you to get paid accurately and on time.

  4. Calendly Integration: Calendly is an appointment scheduling app that allows you to set up meetings without the hassle of email back and forth. The Calendly-Asana integration makes it possible to create and schedule tasks based on your availability without leaving Asana. This integration saves you time and eliminates the need to switch between apps when booking meetings with clients or team members.

  5. Zoom Integration: Zoom is a popular video conferencing tool that enables teams to meet virtually in real-time. With the Asana-Zoom integration, you can schedule and join video meetings from Asana. This feature makes it easier to communicate with team members who are working remotely or in different time zones, enabling you to make decisions faster and more efficiently.

In conclusion, Asana’s integrations can be a game-changer for your team’s productivity. By integrating Asana with tools such as Slack, Google Drive, Time Tracking, Calendly, and Zoom, you can save time, streamline your workflow, and work more efficiently. So what are you waiting for? Start exploring these integrations and take your productivity to the next level!

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Soumyadeep Mandal


Asana proves to be a perfect tool for teams who have to collaborate smoothly and aim at streamlining their workflow. Thanks to its powerful features, Asana allows teams to achieve great results and save time. It indeed has essential integrations for time tracking and the one with TMetric app is also great, you can have a look at Asana Time Tracking for Windows, Mac, Linux. Thank you!

I can’t seem to find the Calendly app anymore. It used to be available to integrate.

What happened to it? If it’s gone, my suggestion is to restore it. It’s highly valuable for me and from what other are commenting it is for them too. Thanks!