Toolbar for TaskEditor

It would be nice to have a toolbar for the task editor. It could be collapsable, so when not needed, it won’t show. Collapsed or not, could be set by user preference.

Show standard icons and editor tools as would be expected with an online text editor.
Bold, underline, strikethru, bulletpoint, indented text, italic and so on.

Hi @Christian_Antonsen and apologies for the late follow-up! Most of these are now available in Asana, so marking this one :white_check_mark:

I had completely forgotten about this one. Yes, thank you, I know.
The changes was made a few days after I made the forum post, and after that, I just forgot about this post.

Asana is still awesome. I use it everyday. Don’t think there are that many teachers who uses it, but it fits my needs perfectly as a teacher.

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