Tips to organizing a garden maintenance company in Asana

Hello. I am new to Asana but I think it will help us a lot. I am getting a bit confused though so wondered if someone could give me a bit of advice? I have a garden maintenance company, with jobs recurring every two weeks. I have three gangs of gardeners, who do on average 5 different jobs per day. I would like a way for each gang to be able to access their work on their phones to show the job is complete and attach any photos or notes. I would need to be able to see all the jobs on one calendar.

So, am I right in thinking the best way to do this would be to set each gardening gang up as a project? If I did that, could I see each calendar combined on to one?

Thank you for any advice or suggestions

Hi @perfectgardens, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! Just to let you know, I’ve slightly updated the title of you thread to make it more discoverable to other customers so they can find your thread and share their tips here as well!

In regards to your question, you can certainly achieve this in Asana! You can create a project for each gardener, invite them to each project and then they can download the Asana app in their mobile phones, attach a screenshot and mark the task complete.

If you wish to see all their tasks in one calendar, you can create what we call a “master project”. To achieve this, you would need to create a new project and multi-home the tasks from all their projects in your new project. If you have a Business Plan, you can set up a Rule to make this process automatic.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile: Let me know if you have any other questions.

That’s great - Thank you Emily

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@Emily_Roman another approach that wouldn’t require multihoming would be for @perfectgardens to just use the Team Calendar

Assuming he is setup as an Organization where this team consists of projects for each crew (gang) and the members of the crew are project members

You are right, @Jerod_Hillard! Team Calendar would be a great option for @perfectgardens :raised_hands: Thank you!

Thank you!