timeneye panel 'everywhere'

It worked fine.
But recently, the Timeneye panel go almost ‘everywhere’, and it doesn’t linked its record with asana task. Has anyone been working on this yet?

Hi @ClarK and welcome to the forum!

There haven’t been any other reports of this issue here in the forum.

Note, though, that Asana does not officially support integration of apps directly into its user interface (other than the one exception of Harvest), and doesn’t guarantee that apps which do choose to integrate themselves won’t break when Asana makes changes to its interface.

See this forum post for more on that topic.

As noted in that post, Asana did recently change their interface, so I’m guessing that change caused Timeneye’s integration to break. Since this is a Timeneye issue and not supported by Asana, I’d recommend you reach out to the Timeneye support team at support@timeneye.com.

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