Clients as "Projects" and Projects as "Tasks" + Timeneye time tracking

My in-house graphic design team uses Asana to manage our “clients” which consist of 4 different companies all under one company umbrella (yep, it’s confusing!). We have these clients set up as Projects, and within that, the individual “projects” are set up as Tasks.

We opted for this setup, because the majority of our projects for each client are simple (only containing 1 or 2 steps) and we didn’t have a need for phases. We also didn’t want to set up a different workspace for each company because it’s so nice to be able to see ALL of our workload in one space without having to switch back and forth. This has worked fairly well except for dashboard reporting, and now, time-tracking.

We’ve been trying out Timeneye, and love that it’s integrated into Asana. The only thing is, because of how we’ve set up our Asana workflow, it’s not pulling any of the tasks into Timeneye. The data we’re getting is just each client + the phase of work, which is useful, but isn’t enough. We would ideally be getting time data for each Task (aka “project”). I believe this can be fixed if we use Timeneye and Asana separately, because I would enter project info into Asana, and then I’d do it again over in Timeneye in the way that will provide the most accurate data. It’s not exactly an “integration” if I do it that way.

I’m trying to figure out the best way to use both of these platforms so they work seamlessly with each other, but am open to workarounds that might require more effort (like what I mentioned above). The goal at the end of the day is to have something I can submit to each client to show them how long each of their projects has taken every week/month, and what types of projects are taking up the most time. And I want to make sure I’m not missing something before I start doing double data entry.

Any ideas or thoughts you can provide would be SO helpful.

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Can I suggest you add Timeneye in the post title to draw attention?
Have a greta day.

Hi Jordan,
first of all Thank you for using Timeneye :wink:

Right now we don’t have a filter that gives the possibility to group our time entries per integration’s entity (in your case an Asana task) but we’re planning to add it in the following months.

Also the browser widget will use that feature to show a total on every task on which you have tracked time once we’ve tested it on our web app.

Sorry for the issue and feel free to contact us for any question or issue.

Kind regards,
Anas B.

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@Jordan_Bird did you ever find a solution for this, I know it’s an old post. My company sets our space up like this as we have MANY clients with lots of projects. Our subtasks act as the phases (1st draft, edits received on dates, and finishing) Sometimes clients even return to OLD projects to update them so we just dust off the old task and put it back in rotation (we’re in commercial real estate so rental spaces or new developments have updates on building info/availability etc)

This has been our main issue in tracking client time with integrated time trackers. We currently use t-sheets but it does not integrate and we would really like to streamline the process.