New Task details layout - timer integration problem


I’ve started experincing problem with timer integration (TMetric, Toggl) recenly when Asana had changed the layout of the Task details pane (right side). Now it looks like that:
(Main difference that mark complete is now bigger and above all instead at the side of tasks name).
In general I like the change in layout except for the fact the timer button has disappeared. Does anyone else experience such a problem?

New Task Layout ? :(

I would say that TMetric and Toggl did not work hand in hand with Asana to ensure their A/B test do not break the integration. Or they forgot :stuck_out_tongue: Did you try to reach out to them as well?


I created a ticket with TMetric, and they promissed to solve it.
I tried Toggl just to check if this is a particular or more general problem, but I did not tell them that there are problems with Asana’s new layot.


Our work team uses Asana with Toggl integration. The new API doesn’t allow Toggl to fetch data either. There’s a work-around if you have the toggl button for Chrome, but it’s more time consuming. Toggl is aware of the problem, but I’m not sure they can do anything about it.


Thank you for laying this out nicely Przemek. I have the same issue. The Toggl button is still there when viewing tasks in Board Layout, but not in List Layout.

This issue makes it much less convenient for tracking time on our non-profit’s grant reporting - and getting uptake of the software is a enough of a challenge without the inconsistencies.


I’m having the same Issue w/ Toggl. I use it everyday - the button just dissapeared for me yesterday.


Same issue using everhour. Is the new layout an upgrade ? Is it complete? Seems not all done yet.


Hi there! Thanks for your feedback on this. I recommend that you communicate with Toggl’s support team about the issue, as I believe Asana is not in charge of the integration. :slight_smile:

Let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help!


TMetric has already updated its Chrome extension. Well done!


Could you clarify how exactly Asana works with the various integrations? I would expect that these “partners” are at least informed in advance about such major UI changes so that they can prepare. If this has been the case, TMetric, Toggl, and in my case TimeCamp are to be blamed because they didn’t do their job. But if they were not informed, Asana has to take the blame for the problems that we are currently seeing…

UPDATE: TimeCamp just told me that they were informed on the same day as the new UI was introduced…


Thanks for the tip on TMetric. I’ve been using Toggl but switched today to TMetric. I love the fact that the project carries over.