ASANA + Toggl issue

I’m a huge fan of the Toggl integration and Ive been experiencing some issues with it since yesterday as well as my freelances co-workers : the button inside the Asana interface as partially disappeared… it is only visible in the list mode of MY TASKS or within a project. My Asana is usually always open on the CALENDAR in MY TASKS… when I click on a task in the calendar, the Toggle button is not there anymore. This is so strange and many are experiencing this. Somebody has an idea how to fix this?


Our Toggl button has disappeared as well! I’m lost without it.

Hi folks, Toggl is a third party integration, so unfortunately we can’t fix this issue on our end. I would recommend reaching out to the Toggl team following the support link in Toggl + Asana • Asana

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Same issue here, @Julie_Brouillette let me know if you’ve managed to find a fix!


Aloha @Julie_Brouillette ! Jake here from Toggl Track Support. If you’d like to receive assistance with your Asana+TogglButton issue, just shoot us an email over at we’ll be glad to assist.

Thank you @Marie for responding!

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Experts from Toggl team told me next:

Hello! Our team has informed me that they’ve actually fixed this issue with the Asana/TogglButton and have deployed a fix this morning. We can’t tell when Google will approve it for release as an update to the button, but so long as your copy of the TogglButton remains updated you’ll get the fix soon :slight_smile:

Now it’s working! :partying_face: