Timeline view, sections getting way bigger than they need to be, how to keep consolidated?

I don’t really know what rules there are in Asana that determine how big a section can be in Timeline view, but in my case it’s allowing the sections to get kinda unruly huge. I have several sections in this project where tasks are added to it on a daily basis. Asana keeps expanding the height of these sections as tasks are added despite there being plenty of room on each day for tasks to be added.

Look at the snip below. There’s very rarely more than 2 tasks on any given day. Therefore that section really only needs to be 2 rows tall. I really don’t NEED to be able to see the task title since I can hover over it to get that.

Is there something somewhere I can adjust this? I really would prefer to be able to condense all these and see all the tasks in the sections under it as well.

There is nothing you can do, except sort by start date, which sometimes helps with cleaning up. We all wish Asana would be smarter and place tasks on similar rows if possible…

I also tried to code something, some kind of a “clean up” function, but the API doesn’t expose where a task sits in Timeline view.

Definitely understand your frustration on this topic.

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Is this something that Asana can work on? It is a point of frustration from my end :frowning:

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