Timeline view for a duplicate project plan

Hi All,

I created a duplicate of my existing project plan which has a timeline view but the duplicate project plan is not showing timeline view for the project. How do I get the timeline view for the duplicate? Please help. It’s is time sensitive for my work.


Edit : In the timeline view of the duplicate project I created, I do not have tasks showing up in the timeline view. I would really appreciate it if you can guide me on how to get the list of tasks to drag and drop in the timeline view. Also I have not added due dates to the duplicate project plan since I am creating this for a new client.

Hello @Chandana_Mutgi,
since you do not have any due dates assigned for these tasks you will find them on the right hand side see

  • Unscheduled tasks in your project that don’t have due dates will appear to the right of your Timeline in the Unscheduled Tasks section.
  • Hide Unscheduled Tasks by clicking the X icon to the right of this section.

More info: Timeline • Asana Product Guide

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