Tasks not appearing in timeline view

Tasks from my list are not appearing in the timeline view. How do I get them to appear??

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Do all your tasks have a due date?

Tasks without a due date will show on the right hand side in a section called „Unscheduled Tasks“.
For more info see here.

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For anyone having the same difficulty and haven’t found an answer yet - check the hidden fields on list view.

I had custom date fields set up in my template, which weren’t flowing through to the timeline view (at least I couldn’t figure out how to allow them to flow through). For tasks to show on the timeline view, you need to complete the ‘due date’ field. If ‘due date’ isn’t visible as a field, go to the list view > hide > select ‘due date’ and then complete the task dates in this field. It should then show up in your timeline.

Asana is a decent program but it is clear that the architects have never setup or run a project before.

Project structure is not built on due dates. Tasks are built and structured by dependencies and the due date is typically a resultant.