Scheduled and assigned tasks not showing up in Timeline

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: Scheduled and assigned tasks, with dependencies are not showing up in the Timeline (which is the only option I have for adjusting dates in-bulk because Asana doesn’t have dynamic dates as a feature). Cleared cache, turned off extensions and issue persists. Am not able to use incognito window due to company security measures to access platform.

Steps to reproduce: Create tasks in List view. Schedule, make dependent, assign, go to Timeline. Timeline for this section is blank.

Browser version: Chrome Version 88.0.4324.96 (Official Build) (x86_64)

Upload screenshots below:


What could be happening:

  • you expect subtasks to show up, they don’t (that is normal)
  • you expect all instances of a recurring task to show up, they don’t (that is normal)

Is that the case?


It is not - I don’t use sub-tasks or recurring tasks; these are all uniquely named and scheduled, though some occur on the same day (we’re running tight timelines in many cases).

I was finally able to connect with support and it seems that it was just being buggy - now most of the tasks show up in the timeline (though, still not all).

Now I’m just left with a timeline view of tasks I carefully ordered in the List view completely out of order, negating the only reason I use timeline view (to bulk shift tasks :confused:

That is actually intentional, the orders are different indeed.

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Do you know why that is? It seems like the timeline view should be a visualization of the list.

The list view could be the priority order, when in Timeline mode you want to organize visually based on dependencies and dates. That’s really two different ways of looking at the same data in my opinion.

For me, dates indicate priority (most important things need to be done first) so it’s redundant to have to reorganize something that has already been determined.

Appreciate the perspective, though! Will play around and see if I’m able to incorporate into my workflow more efficiently with that lens.

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