Timeline overview

Hi There,

We started using Asana in small teams within IT. IT stated off with a Kanban approach to prioritize our tasks and followup between our team members.

Our project managers are using plain old excel (not publicly available) to manage the bigger projects and divide tasks over the team.

They see the potential of using Asana, especially with the dependencies, timeline, and progress features.
The timeline works very good for short time-span follow ups (towards the technical guys that are executing tasks) but it does not fulfill the needs for reporting to the management.
The overview is not clear enough on a simple laptop screen.
The horizontal zoom (time) is not sufficient, we also need a vertical zoom (project groups&tasks) on the timeline

Hi @Dennis_De_Braekeler, thanks for reaching out!

With Timeline, you can create a project plan that shows how all of the pieces of your project fit together. For reporting, I recommend you the Search Views. This feature allows you to sort and filter for tasks using a number of different parameters. You can also star searches as favorites or print them for reviews with your team. You can find more details in this article.

We have few existing product feedback threads about Timeline, I recommend you to upvote:

If you cannot find a product feedback that is specific to your request, you can create a new request. You can share with us a use case of one specific feature per thread and we’ll share it with our product team.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions!