Timeline - Option to Hide Completed Tasks


Strongly adding my voice to the request for this feature. The timeline is of limited use without it.

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Adding a +1 here - would love to see the ability to filter out completed tasks in timeline view ASAP. Thanks!



Same here, we really need this feature… @ASANA - please prioritize in your backlog



This is also quite frustrating for us. I have to scroll for a minute to get to the incomplete tasks in the Timeline. This seems like a very low effort, high impact improvement. Can we please get an update on this? There is quite a bit of activity on this thread dating back to June 2018, what is missing for this to become a roadmap item?

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I’ve only now discovered that you can’t hide completed tasks from timeline! The number of workarounds we’re having to implement to make Asana and Timeline usable for our organisation is becoming too much to manage. Please roll out this very basic and necessary feature as soon as possible.

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Just to pitch in with another voice - I’m a social media manager and use the timeline to get an overview of all social media posts that need to be worked over an indefinite period of time. To have finished tasks about previous posts lingering in my timeline indefinitely after they’ve been posted doesn’t really help with the idea of using the timeline as an easy overview.



Also requesting this! Things are so cluttered now.