Timeline - Option to Hide Completed Tasks

Strongly adding my voice to the request for this feature. The timeline is of limited use without it.


Adding a +1 here - would love to see the ability to filter out completed tasks in timeline view ASAP. Thanks!


Same here, we really need this feature… @ASANA - please prioritize in your backlog

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This is also quite frustrating for us. I have to scroll for a minute to get to the incomplete tasks in the Timeline. This seems like a very low effort, high impact improvement. Can we please get an update on this? There is quite a bit of activity on this thread dating back to June 2018, what is missing for this to become a roadmap item?


I’ve only now discovered that you can’t hide completed tasks from timeline! The number of workarounds we’re having to implement to make Asana and Timeline usable for our organisation is becoming too much to manage. Please roll out this very basic and necessary feature as soon as possible.


Just to pitch in with another voice - I’m a social media manager and use the timeline to get an overview of all social media posts that need to be worked over an indefinite period of time. To have finished tasks about previous posts lingering in my timeline indefinitely after they’ve been posted doesn’t really help with the idea of using the timeline as an easy overview.

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Also requesting this! Things are so cluttered now.

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Does it ever seem that the Asana developers are keeping the UI (admirably) sleek, at the expense of allowing our actual data views to become cluttered and unuseable without extensive workarounds? Dear Asana, how about a happy medium?

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Just my plus one too, its annoying. If you have 20 tasks in a day, you complete them all, end of the day you have a real big row in the timeline, so its annoying. BUT… it only clutters my view when tasks overlap, and so go onto mulitiple lines. Because we only use our timeline for our main “Project Planning Board” which are large development projects (tasks for projects) and not loads of small tasks that can be done in a day, we dont get a cluttered view much.

Do you need a timeline for all your small tasks that are done in a day? I would say no. Timeline is useful for larger projects over a larger time period.

So therefore my tip is… dont use timeline for your day to day small tasks if possible. Use it for larger projects. So if I have a project to start Monday, end Friday, then its good for the timeline, I can see my next project goes in next week then and do not overlap. But if I have a 5 minute task then its not in my project timeline, there is no need.

For all my tasks in the day I refer to my task list. To plan workload for my team we have a project planning board where large projects go and we use time line for that.

Nevertheless, timeline really does need Completed tasks gone. My tip is probably no good if using it for details project planning gantt charts in which you need all small tasks.

+1 from me as well. Timeline is a ticking bomb for continuous projects without having ability to get rid of old stuff in the view.

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This would probably be less of a priority for me if there was also a decent way to export tasks or timelines for people outside of Asana, but because this doesn’t seem to be a priority, at least allow us to filter these things out, so it’s easier to screenshot or otherwise work around the limitations.

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I would also like to be able to filter out completed task from the timeline!

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SAME here… !


Totally agree. This is a huge problem for timeline mode and it seems so easy to fix. Simply check a box like that filters out completed tasks. By doing this, timeline view would become narrower and would actually be useable. Really would like to see this change as timeline is in real trouble without it.

I’m a bit confused about the status of that request.

Asana’s help says it is possible to filter Timeline to show: Incomplete, Complete or All tasks, but I can’t see such an option in my Timeline view. What am I missing?

I am afraid that completed filter is left out intentionally to push more ppl to premium version.

@Przemek sorry for the delay in responding to you! We launched We're bringing a new filter to Timeline and Workload! a few days ago, hence why you’re seeing this filter in our Guide! :slight_smile:

Marking this request solved :white_check_mark: