Timeline on iPad app


Not sure why it’s not there, but the iPad app needs to show everything the web app does, including the Timeline. It’s useless without it.


Agreed, greater functionality on the iPad app would be beneficial


A lot of apps only allow a subset of features of the webapp, this is rather common :sweat_smile:


Yeah I agree - it would be amazing to get the timeline functionality on the Ipad - and even on the iPhone - even if it’s just in a “view” kind of form.

Basically the only reason I use my MacBook Pro now is so that I can create and view timelines on Asana. If the timeline feature was available on the iPad, I would not need to cart my heavy MacBook Pro around along with my IPad Pro anymore!

Asana, if you’re reading this… what can we do to help get the timeline feature into the Ipad asap?



+1 for this feature request. I understand not having timeline on iPhone, too small to be functional. However, it would be immensely beneficial for those of us who are in the field and/or use iPad as our main device, to have Timeline capability on iPad.


+1 My wife uses an iPad + keyboard for ‘enough’ for day-to-day work - Word, GDocs, Web, etc.; she doesn’t own a laptop any more. But without timelines, it means she can’t use Asana.

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Hi there,

I only recently discovered Asana and I absolutely love it. The timeline is one of the best features of the program and I was disappointed that this is not available in the iPad app. I run around with my iPad all day, it is my right arm. I hope this feature will shortly be available in the app.

Thank you.

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Same request here. Primary reason for using Asana for me is the Timeline feature. On the road, I’m usually on my iPad, so Timeline would be extremely useful.

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I just want to add my +1 to this request. I am very excited about Asana and signed up for the Premium trial, but just canceled it after learning that most of the Premium features are not exposed to the iOS app (even for iPad). This is a dealbreaker not just for me, but for a growing number of others who use an iPad Pro as our exclusive computing device. The only workaround is to use an iOS browser like iCab that can emulate a Mac to get to the main web app view, but it’s a terrible experience since the webapp isn’t designed (understandably) for a touch interface. I would instantly sign up for the Premium account if core features like Timeline, Dependencies (and even, if I am understanding the interface right), Templates were surfaced on the iPad app.

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As @Jeff_Pooley said, you have to resort to using the browser to actually have a useful view of Asana on iPads but it is a sub-optimal experience. One of the main reasons I’m still mostly working on laptop and desktops.

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Adding my vote here from an iPad Pro :grinning:

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I would really love this feature, too! I would prefer using all the features in Asana on my iPad over my computer.

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I love Asana. From design to usability to the company philosophy and culture. So I am little surprised with all the logic and thoughtfulness that the timeline isn’t available on iPad yet. Very excited for that update. Much needed.

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+1 Our company is starting to use Asana but without this feature I cannot promote Asana.
Timeline of iPad and Mobile phone is a must nowadays

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+1 for this feature. My company will have to switch to another platform if it isnt included soon. Love asana though so hope not to have to move.

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Plus 10000000 votes here!

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I 100% agree–the Ipad app should do everything that the web app can. Hottest priority needs to be adding the Timeline functionality. While Asana is a great system, having no Timeline access severely undercuts the Ipad app.