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Hi team! It would be great if we could have recurring tasks show accumulated ‘Actual Time’ within the task, for each time the task is complete.

I know that I could see the summated actual time under ‘Completed Task View’, or by exporting the values to CSV, but I would like my employee to be able to see her accumulated time within the recurring task itself.

For example, I have a recurring task for my employee to enter a set of data into a spreadsheet every Monday morning. I need her to track her time, as she invoices me once she hits 3 hours of work. The time she spends each Monday varies. It would be idea if her time spent each Monday was listed under the actual time rollup, similar to how it tracks time spent on non-recurring tasks during each separate session.

Welcome, @Marisa_Alyse,

Note: Not a solution but marked as such to elevate a key reply

I think you could consider tracking time within subtasks (non-recurring ones) of this recurring task, because the time would automatically roll up to the parent task.

I mention this alternative approach because I think it may be unlikely Asana will implement your request because it would really change the character of how recurring tasks work (they’re separate instances now) and break many existing workflows/use cases.