Time difference between when a custom field changed to specific option and task gets competed

Is there a smart way to show the time difference between when a task’s custom field was set to a certain option and when the task gets completed?

We always start with a template and I want to know when a task gets changed to ‘Go’ in our custom field and compare that with when it gets completed. This will give me a timeframe of how long it’s taking us to go from ‘Go’ to complete.

I’d love it if I could see this metric in the dashboard with an average, but I know that’s a separate question.

Anyone got any bright ideas?

Hi @Lara_Warren , the closest you can get to your request is creating a chart in a dashboard as per below, however it will show you the amount of time a task was set to a value of a custom field. Unfortunately, I don’t believe there is a way to use Asana’s native dashboard charts to measure the time spent between one field to another.

Perhaps a 3rd party app like Screenful could achieve this. Pinging @SamiLinnanvuo