How much time task has spent with custom tag in a certain status

Hi everyone!
We have an interesting case, and I am unable to find a solution. All I found was topic from a few years ago - and verdict was only to use Screenful. These topics were relevant (but too old):

So our case: our developers have cutom field with several values (eg Research, Dev, QA, Design etc). We would like to make a report about how much time a task spends in each status and then calculate average time in each status for project and time slot.
For example, to check what is the average time for QA stage for project X in January 2023.

What is the best option to make this? Are there any options except for Screenful? Maybe it could be delivered via Asana API?

We have Asana Premium, not Business, so we are not able to use native Asana time tracker for now.

Welcome, @Olga_Kireeva,

Does this not work for you? This is a dashboard chart in a project:

Note: This requires the Business or Enterprise plan.



Hi, thanks for advice, but it doesn’t work for us since Asana Premium doesn’t allow to choose time in Y-axis - it is only available for Asana Business

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