track a date of movement in section

Hello! I’m trying to solve the issue of tracking a date when a task was moved to a section. data.modified_at is not what I’m looking for, I guess. So, the question is how to get logs of task movement between sections

I got the clue! use{task_gid}/stories

Yes reading the stories will be the way to go. @Phil_Seeman would you mind explaining again how the cache works, I always forget? Thanks

@Vesna_Pekhouskaya, using Stories objects is a partial solution but not a complete one, due to the Asana behavior known as “story consolidation”, explained here:

In the case of section moving, if a user moves a task from Section A to Section B, then from Section B to Section C, all within 24 hours without any intervening actions occurring by other users, you will only have a story and corresponding date/time for the move to Section C.

In the Asana UI you can see this behavior clearly - for example, I have 3 sections: Not Started, To Do, and Complete. When I move a task from Not Started to To Do, I get this story:


If I then wait a bit (7 minutes in this example) and move it to Complete, the above story is deleted and replaced by this one:


The intervening event is lost and will not be returned if you ask for the Stories on this task.

The only way to get a complete record of how long a task remains in each section is to set a webhook so you get an event every time a section move occurs; then record that event in some data store of your own. That way, you capture every event and avoid the consolidation issue.


Thanks so much, it is clear and I hope I’ll remember now :heart:

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